Acquisitions & Development

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We are the first point of contact for potential land sellers. Our team is constantly in the field and learning about the community. We work to ensure that our plans will be a positive addition to the neighborhood and that what we build will integrate naturally into the surrounding area.

We’re committed to developments that offer proximity to work, school, and other important resources. We help to implement energy-efficient construction methods and materials. It’s vital that we promote urban communities and conservation, reduce waste, and encourage social connectivity.


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StoryBuilt’s Design Team is home to our engineers, architects, and interior designers. We are the people who craft the vision for all StoryBuilt communities across the country. There is no project too large or too complicated for our designers to tackle.

Our passion and expertise combine to create communities in challenging urban infill sites. As a central resource, we are able to wrap original vision into a cohesive story between the site, buildings, and interiors.
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The Architecture Team operates out of our headquarters in Austin, Texas. We begin work when the acquisitions team starts considering a piece of land – and from that moment on, we’re in collaboration. We consider all possible urban typologies and strategically design communities to provide not only in demand housing, but a myriad of other thoughtful urban spaces to help these neighborhoods thrive. Managing the design for all markets, we are able to share ideas and draw inspiration across project teams in real time.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is staffed in both Austin and Dallas, and we manage site development design and permitting for all Texas projects. We collaborate with the architecture team to make sure designs translate cohesively to the technical specs of the sites. We bring our technical expertise to roadways, utilities, and drainage control, and we love finding and creating sustainable site features.

Interior Design

The Interior Design Team works with the architects throughout the project’s design process, helping to craft the interior vision of all StoryBuilt projects. From materials to furnishings, from kitchens to lobbies, these designers take the project story and bring it to life inside the places and spaces we build.


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Our construction professionals execute the build-out of StoryBuilt’s developments. We’re on the job from pre-construction to product delivery and every step in between. We work in two main groups: Central Services for supply chain management, quality, safety, and project controls, and Market Level, responsible for the localized project management and field operations for every StoryBuilt project. Our goal is a process that provides a best-in-class product for our homebuyers and investors.


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At Warranty, we set our homeowners up for long term success through education. We’re in charge of New Home Introduction walks and Home Delivery – both an important part of the closing process. We’re also there for the 1-month and 11-month post closing visit. We provide the resources designed to cover all aspects of home maintenance and usage. Last but not least, we manage repairs that may come up during the warranty period.

Community Management

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We manage the business side of our housing through HOA, POA, and Condominium Owner’s Associations while balancing the needs of our neighborhoods and communities. When we effectively manage our communities we achieve money saving for our homeowners, sensible management for our vendors, and improved relationships between neighbors.

We want the best for our communities and we work for it. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, from the day a new owner closes on their home until they day they sell. We offer a personalized approach to all our communities and owners in every aspect of our management.

Sales & Marketing

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The sales team has the happy job of sharing the story behind the inspired design of our homes and urban villages. We love knowing that our clients are getting ready to move into a new part of their lives and it’s all good: community-centered lifestyle, perfect locations, and eco-conscious.

We like to hear your story so we can be ready to help you become part of ours. We’re busy matchmakers, problem solvers, and caretakers – ready with a white-glove experience for you, because you’re part of the StoryBuilt family from hello.

Creative & Marketing

Our Creative and Marketing team members are based in Austin, Seattle, New York, and Australia. We’re strategists, designers, writers, and content creators working cross-functionally throughout the entire organization to bring StoryBuilt’s vision and values to vivid life.

Creative direction, graphic design, copywriting, video producers/editors, and motion graphics design? We’re all here. The creative team produces original editorial and visual content to help StoryBuilt connect with homeowners, investors, local businesses, and charitable organizations. We also work internally to make sure the StoryBuilt message reflects all employees.

Our marketing and brand teams are data driven, creative professionals working across all four markets. We focus on bringing our brand to life and getting that brand message out through media, community partnerships, and sharing the stories of our homeowners.

Accounting & Finance

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Our team is responsible for the accurate reporting and analysis of financial statement data for the company’s portfolio of development projects and income producing assets. We also handle the financial reporting activities for the HOA communities managed by the company, as well as the company’s commercial portfolio. We interact with various key cross functional business partners to accurately and materially represent the company’s financial activity.


In finance, we’re responsible for ensuring that funds are available when needed and in a sustainable way. Our primary role is to raise debt and equity capital at the project and company level, and to ensure each division has adequate funds to operate effectively. We play a key role in treasury management along with the Controller, in forecasting future cash flows, investing excess balances, safeguarding funds, and communicating everything clearly throughout the organization.

People & Culture

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As the People team, we champion StoryBuilt’s culture and values. We partner with our employees and leaders to help build great teams, retain top talent, and make StoryBuilt a great place to work. We ensure our continued growth and success by working carefully in talent acquisition, onboarding, and into growth and development – all along the employee life cycle. We are outrageously proud of our talented team members.

Technology & Systems

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The Systems Team supports technology across all business functions. We encourage transparency and facilitate the free flow of information between all our verticals. By democratizing data and giving our professionals the right tools for the job, we enable them to make informed and thoughtful decisions on behalf of all stakeholders.