We know that when we build, we are building into an existing community. We take that responsibility seriously. Every market we work in needs more living spaces, but the areas where we build also need us to see them as they currently are and as they’ll be five, ten, fifteen years in the future. We know our markets, and we make sure that our teams spend time in the neighborhoods during design and construction. When our projects are done and it’s time to move in, our new homeowners enter into the community around them.


We stay connected to our places and people. Local businesses are the heart of any neighborhood, and we want to help celebrate and promote them. Through community partnerships, neighborhood events, and local non-profit engagements, we work to make sure our projects are authentic and thriving – it’s all connected.


When we rebranded to StoryBuilt, we made a decision to connect every way we could in the communities where we build. When one of our team found a kitten on the highway and brought her into the office – well, the rest is history. Clementine found a home and we found a mascot.

StoryBuilt’s offices are pet-friendly because we know the joy and connection animals bring to us all. We make a donation to a local rescue organization in each community where we build. Our hope is that the people who live in our homes connect with these organizations and help support them, too.

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Senior Vice-President, Design


Senior Development Manager, Operations


Property Manager, Rental


Online Consultant, Sales

What I love about StoryBuilt is that they want their employees to succeed. They’re open to growth and movement within the company – that helps with individual long-term growth and happiness for employees. It’s good for people and it’s good for the company as a whole. I’ve done a lot of learning and growing in the 3 years I’ve been here.


Director Digital Experience, Marketing

The best part of StoryBuilt is the people. Everyone is a master of their craft and you can learn so many amazing things from one another. Mix that with the passion everyone puts forth and you have a recipe for awesomeness.


Development Manager, Operations

Joining StoryBuilt felt like coming home. From the moment I walked in the door, I have felt genuinely supported both professionally and personally by our team. That support means I bring my whole self to work everyday, giving my all alongside colleagues doing the same.


Director of Content, Marketing

StoryBuilt was a career shift for me and a chance I’m glad I took. It’s been a thrill to participate in the evolution of the StoryBuilt brand and to work with people who are so open to possibilities and striving to be better on all fronts. I’ve found a creative home here and I’m proud of what we do. We work hard and we laugh A LOT.


Senior Vice-President, Design

What I love most about working at StoryBuilt is the culture of collaboration we’ve created since the beginning. We laugh a lot and don’t take ourselves too seriously while designing great projects together.


Consultant, Sales

StoryBuilt welcomed me into their family after a 15-year career hiatus, which is testament to their willingness to evaluate talent based on potential, ambition and diversity. I admire their focus on the quality of their product and the homeowner experience. It’s what differentiates it from other companies that I have worked for.


Project Architect, Design

I think you can only master your profession when you truly love what you do – because you will always figure out the best solutions while having fun in the process. To me that’s why StoryBuilt is special. Everyone genuinely loves what they do, is excited, and inspired by the company.


President, Seattle Division

I love working at StoryBuilt because we build communities that I’m proud of. For each community that we design and build, I look at every detail from the perspective of how would I want this if I lived here. I take pride in knowing that our team has done the best they can do, at every turn.


Chief Investment Officer

I am deeply moved by the creativity, passion and team spirit throughout StoryBuilt. This is a perfect place for people who enjoy problem solving, team building and meeting unbelievably high goals. What StoryBuilt offers me is not a job, but a new life, new family, and an excellent team to make big dreams come true.

Street Art

Art makes things better. StoryBuilt reaches out to local artists who work in graffiti and other forms of street art and partners with them for installations in our commercial spaces. Our current showpieces are Frank Alley and at Willa – and each are paired with QR codes that link directly to a donation space for the nonprofit linked to the art.

Team Building

Life at StoryBuilt is always busy, always changing – and we like it that way. We stay engaged across departments from necessity. Team building means more than a cookout or a party to us. We work to make sure our teams know they can depend on each other, turn to each other for help, and that we have each other’s backs.